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Applied Statistics


About This Course

Applied Statistics is a course on how to read scientific quantitative articles. Learning outcomes can be described as:

  • Understanding the format of original articles (IMRaD)
  • Structure and purpose of Introduction
  • Defining the variables and their types in Methodology of an article
  • Understanding of how to develop expectations over the descriptive and analytic statistics, such as compare groups based on type of variables
  • Understanding parametric and non-parametric tests based on different assumptions
  • Understanding "Estimations" in statistics, such as Relative Risk and Odds Ratio
  • Understanding the concept of regression analyses
  • Interpretation of different types of graphs in an article


This course has no requirements. Have at it.


Course Staff Image David Jahanlu

David Jahanlu

Associate Professor, dept. of Bioengineering, Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan University. David's main field of research involves quantitative methods in medical studies and applied statistics. And when it comes to animation, he's the wiz.

Media Editor

Course Staff Image #1

Gabi Hurlen

Gabi has an MA in Media Studies and has worked at Bokskapet since its creation. Her official title is senior advisor, but she finds that a tad bland. She would rather say video or content producer and course creator.

Media Editor

Course Staff Image #1

Ingebjørg Sæbøe

Ingebjørg is a former teacher and school leader who went on to be an editor for Aschehoug. After 3 years she chose the pathway of open access by returning "home" to OsloMet, where she also got her MA in 2015 (Digital Learning Design). Self-appointed Grammar Nazi.

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